Raglans - Interview

Forming in a Dublin Festival tent back in 2010, Raglans have gone on to become one of Ireland’s most exciting new indie outfits. 

The video for their single ‘Digging Holes’ recently got named one of the greatest of all time by the State.ie website and the band are currently on their first headline UK tour. We caught up with Stephen, Rhos, Conn and Sean for a quick chat:

Your music is an unusual mix of folk and contemporary indie. Are Raglans a folk or an indie band, and was there ever a conscious effort to combine the two? 

We really just like writing songs and playing them the way we think suits them, if its indie, folkie, rock or whatever. We appreciate anybody sticking us in a certain genre because I suppose it means they are listening. We don't pay too much attention to fitting in a certain category though.

You've been described as harking back to a ‘golden age of indie.’ Do you think there is something missing in today’s guitar music? What do you think of today’s pop music? 

I'm not sure there's too much missing. Maybe people just needed a break, after The Libertines and then The Arctic Monkeys there was a constant stream of guitar bands ,some good , some not. We reckon people have had a long enough break, but again we don't recall any ages consciously. It's nice to hear though!

Dublin is a town renowned for supporting live music and independent artists, has has the city affected what you do?

It's affected us greatly. It's given us support since we started, from the people who attend gigs, to the promoters, engineers and other bands who support us too. It's a good place to cut your teeth.

How did it feel to have “Digging Holes” labelled one of the best music videos of all time? Do any of you get recognized a lot from that video?

That was a bit mad, rubbing shoulders with November Rain. Mental Craic. Very grateful. Ah, we get the odd back slap and "digging hoooollllleeess" but I don't think we have any concerns leaving the house just yet [laughs].

How is your first headline tour coming along? Is it a different experience to tours you’ve done before? How are you finding the audiences? 

We love the UK. People are very receptive to new bands here and new music and this first tour over here has been a resounding success to date, fingers crossed! Already planning our next one. Excited.

What have you got lined up for the rest of the year? 

We are recording our debut album, starting at the end of the summer and then want to just get on the road and play our songs to everyone who will listen. Simple enough, really.

Raglans will play Leeds, Cockpit 3 on 19th July and York, The Duchess on 20th. Their Single ‘Natives’ is out now.

Words by Joe Smith

Raglans are on the front cover of this weeks App edition available for free on Apple and Android.

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