Yeah, science! Now You Can Spill Beer All Over Your Work Shirt

WORDS: Ben Cole

Sometimes it seems like Science's only purpose for existing is to scare the crap out of people, and do loads of really cool stuff at the same time. No matter what you may think, Science is pretty cool.  

Although, sometimes it borders on alchemy. You know, that thing that people used to get burnt as a witch for trying out? Yeah well, luckily for us, it's still going strong and has produced something in the US.
NeverWet, which is one of those rarities where it actually comes in a tin, and does what it says on it, is one of these new sciencey whoa-look-at-me-I'm-so-amazing-weeeeee things. 

From Ross Nanotechnology, coupled with Rust-Oleum, NeverWet is a spray that is known as a superhydrophobic coating. Big words that mean really small things that do science, and something about angles, water, and physics. Now don't worry, these big words merely mask that this spray means things after being treated will never get wet again. Literally. Liquid won't be able to touch it. You could spill everyone's drink in an entire club on your shirt, and it will stay all shirt-like and not smell like a strange combination of liquid death. 

But what else, I hear you ask, could you use it for? Perhaps some street magic? Imagine the faces! Waterproofing absolutely everything you own, including your pet fish? Spray your coursework for when you inevitably spill coffee over it after having a tantrum about how you hate lectures? You could even end a cliché of being a young and wet behind the ears student. The possibilities are endless. 

I think though, that we can agree that this is more magical than scientific. Magic is probably the most fitting word you could use actually. Anything that can't be explained with small words is obviously witchcraft. But it's cool witchcraft, so it's alright. 

Check out this video explaining what we're on about...

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