AHA! He’s Done It Again!

"You’ll get a shock when you go to uni"- Ah yes the famous words that come out of every parents lips when on their weekly rant about doing your washing. 

Although it pains me to say it, my parents were right, I did get a shock.
I was shocked into the reality that not everybody knows who Alan Partridge is. I mean I can’t be the only person who thought that Alan Partridge was up there with the likes of Barak Obama, or Prince? 

Yet when shouting ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Back of the net’ in my best Partridgesk voice in social situations, to my regret I received blank stares. 

After embarking on a tough regime of DVD sessions and YouTube clips, my efforts were not enough, it became clear to me then that Alan Partridge is an acquired humour and cannot be manufactured. The same thing goes for the new film ‘Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa’.

I think it’s fair to say, you can watch The Inbetweeners Movie and still get every joke without having watched a single episode, yet it’s a completely different story for Alpha Papa, which Alan Partridge fans will know is littered with witty references from the series I’m Alan Partridge, and even stars the iconic wet lemon Lynn and everyone’s favourite Geordie moron Michael.

After anticipating the film for awhile, Partridge fans, you will be pleased to know Coogan has done it again. 

Socially inept Alan stumbles through a radio crisis (which in true Partridge style, he brought on himself) whilst referring to Neil Diamond as ‘King of the Jews’ ,comparing himself to a ‘Nazi Officer’, and to top things off referencing fellow disk jockey Pat Clarke’s dead wife’s ashes to those of Bin Laden’s . As if there weren’t enough Partridge quotes to use at your disposal at the pub with pals (just make sure they’re fans too before shouting ‘Smell My Cheese’ at them), there is now a hell of a lot more.  

The plot is rather obscure and two dimensional, but c’mon this isn’t a James Bourne film, if you’re looking for a high speed chase then you’re more suited to ‘Crash, Bang, Wallop, What a Video!’ It’s those ‘did he really just say that’ Alan Partridge one liners that do all the talking in this film. Another hysterical hit for Partridge fans, that won’t leave you wanting your ‘Cash back!’ 

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa - Boardroom Clip

Words by Rachel Ferguson