Interviewing Tips

If you have been invited to an interview then the first thing to remember is how proud you should be of yourself. There are more people than ever applying for job vacancies, so getting over that first hurdle is a fantastic achievement. However, the hard work isn’t done and you really need to make sure that you do everything you can to ensure you are successful at the interview stage.

First Impressions Count

As much as we all try not to, you will be judged on your appearance. Remember that it is likely to be the first time your potential employers see you, so you need to make sure that you look good. Dressing smart, ensuring your shoes are clean and that you have nothing around your mouth is a good place to start. Try to avoid sitting and texting on your mobile phone while you wait for them and make sure that things like headphones are stashed out of sight. You need to give them a good, professional opinion of you.

Preparation Is Key

When it comes to an interview like this, you really cannot prepare too much. It is a good idea to read up as much as you can about the company before you. This will ensure that when they are talking about their products and services you already know about their products and know what they are talking about.
Don’t be afraid to take in notes with you to refer to in the interview. Employers will appreciate this and see it as a sign you are organised – which they will love!

Ask Questions

You will have a chance to ask questions during your interview – make sure you have some prepared. If you have read up about the company then this should give you a good idea of what to ask. You should also ask about career progression opportunities and what other opportunities might be open to you in the company. This shows that you are striving for success and willing to be a team player.

It’s The Little Things That Count

Throughout the interview it is important that you come across as confident and friendly. You want them to like you and feel that you could be a part of their team. Make eye contact and smile throughout the interview. You’ll be nervous and they will understand this but try not to let your nerves get the better of you (I know, easier said than done sometimes).
Even though already have your CV, take a copy with you and offer this to them if they want it.

Before Hand

When you are invited to interview by letter/email make sure you read up on everything that they ask you to bring and ensure that you bring these with you. If they call you to invite you to an interview then make sure you ask them if there is anything that they would like you to bring with you.
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