Nintendo Fight Back

New trailer shows bright future for the Wii U.

For anyone who thinks Nintendo has had its day, that the WII U is flailing around the games industry floor gasping for its last breath trying to fight inevitability, as we ignore it’s suffering, instead transfixed by the lure of the bright lights of Microsoft and Sony’s PR machines as they march ever onwards.  I’d say this. 

“Yea… You’re probably right”.

What? I know, I know I’m sure you were expecting some witty counter right? The problem is that despite my love of that wondrous little unassuming box of magic known as the Wii U, It’s had such a lack lustre line up of titles since launch that it’s difficult to get excited about.  Yes I’ll admit it’s had a few moments of genius that hard core gamers (whom are willing to drop £300 on a console to play one title) might appreciate. But overall the launch line up wasn’t very strong and the subsequent releases over the last nine months since launch have been very much hit and miss.

With Nintendo keenly aware of this following a sales report that showed the WII U only shifted a total of 160,000 units worldwide between April and June. They've finally chosen to take some action, and have released a trailer that shows off their exclusive titles scheduled for release throughout 2013 and 2014. 

Why not check it out, because it seems good things come to those who wait.

Words by Chris Messenger