Paramore: 'It's not about the image anymore'

Hardcore Paramore fans would have probably devoured another emo-soaked flaming hair, ripped tights and hoodies-esque record from pop punk superstars Paramore. 

But for them it’s just not about how they are supposed to look and sound any more.  

As they head out on tour later next month Wireless caught up with bassist and founding member Jeremy Davies, for a quick chat:

“I think for the first time ever, all of us have been really interested in wearing what we want to wear on stage. I guess it’s become less about fitting into the stereotype you’re supposed to be and expressing yourself, for who you are. You know, instead of saying ‘Hey guys, this tour lets dress like this, this and this’ instead, we literally just let each other be who we are. There is no stamp on our image anymore. Generally, our main goal on this album was to make a more positive sounding album, that people can take something from. It’s about hope and letting yourself feel free and good about everything. I think that’s just coming through in our styles and our video treatments. Not thinking about everything so hard kind of works for us.” 

“Making the video for ‘Still Into You’ was like  ‘Okay, instead of showing a couple eating a picnic or some three minute love story, lets actually just simplify it and let’s try and show what the feeling of love feels like on the INSIDE. So yeah, it’s just us riding around on bikes, with about a thousand multi-coloured balloons, happy and carefree. Because that kind of is what it feels like. Now, we just cater to whatever it is the song tells us to do." 

"What is really weird? Since the whole record is more positive in general I feel like that shows up on us, too. Our music videos, how we dress, how we talk.”

Read the full exclusive interview in Wireless Magazine, out Friday 6th September.

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