Record number of cats abandoned in Yorkshire

As the brief glimpse of summer fades and the weather returns to its usual gloom, remember to spare a thought for the helpless cats and kittens throughout Yorkshire. Sure it sucks that you've had to fork out £7.99 for a bottle of sun-cream you only got to use three times, but  at least you have a home to go to at the end of the day, unlike these poor adorable bastards.

Have I broken your heart? Good. Maybe now you will get yourself down to the Yorkshire Cat Rescue near Keighley and adopt one of the 450 felines that have been taken in so far this year. 

The cat rescue charity has seen its highest record of abandoned kittens and cats in its entire 21 years of operations and the 12 month waiting list is full, with around 1,000 little critters still waiting to come in. 

"It's heart-breaking and very difficult," said the charity's founder, Sara Atkinson. "We've seen lots of young kittens living in pens waiting for their forever homes." 

If I haven't tugged on your heart stings enough to convince you to go adopt a cat then just imagine some confused little kitten, staring up at you with its big round eyes and asking why no one loves him. Why will no one give him a home? Is he to forever suffer without the comfort and security of a family? Also, he's sat in a teacup. What are you waiting for? Go get him and love him forever!