Top Tips for Getting Employed After Graduation

It can be easy to assume that after the hard work of university, walking into a job will be easy. After all, you have just spend a number of years studying your industry so how hard can it be to get employment? Well the truth is that getting a job is harder than ever, which means that you really need to make sure you are at the top of your game. Remember, there are hundreds if not thousands of people who are in the same position as you and so, you need to make sure you are head of your competition.

Perfecting Your CV

It sounds obvious, but making sure your CV is up to date and looks good is essential. In many cases your CV will be a potential employer’s first impression of you. You want them to read your CV and realise how much of a good fit you would be for their company. There are loads of ways to get hints and tips on writing a CV so make sure you spend a little bit of time perfecting it. Also make sure your CV has the relevant skills listed on it – it can be worth adjusting your CV to match the skills they have asked for in their job specification.

Cover Letter

When you are sending in a CV make sure your cover letter is up to scratch. In your cover letter make sure you mention studying and the skills that this has taught you. It is a good idea to mention what it has taught you above and beyond the course you have passed – organisation, studying, meeting new people etc are all valuable skills.

Look Everywhere For Potential Jobs

In many cases it is a numbers game, so you need to get out there and apply for as many jobs as you can. Looking online, visiting career fairs, registering for employment agencies and even contacting companies direct are all good ways of looking for gainful employment.

Be Fussy

Motivation is essential when it comes to looking for a job. If you start to apply for jobs that you are unsuitable and get rejected then you’ll soon find your motivation decreasing. As much as it is a numbers game you need to be sensible and only apply for jobs that you have the right qualifications for.

Interview Techniques

It doesn’t do you any harm to read up on interview tips and make sure you are prepared when attending an interview. Of course when you attend you also need to make sure you are well dressed and look good because we all know that first impressions count.

Look For Experience

It can be hard to get started on the career ladder when you haven’t got any experience. If you have the time and finances it can be a good idea to take a part time job or internship opportunity in your industry to learn the valuable experience you need to get started in the industry of your choice.
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