Boro's Biggest Student Night

Much like any other `uni town`, Middlesbrough has a few famous night outs. Whether you’re into indie, chart or cheese- there’s guaranteed to be somewhere for you and your fellow uni-goers to hit the buckets and to go for a boogie. It’s easy to suss the best places once you’re there- gossip spreads fast, and if you’re living in halls, you’ll be forever tripping over promotional flyers on your way home.

Here’s a few that will be on everybody’s lips. Choose wisely…

Dirty Disco at Teesside University’s SU

Whether you’re starting there or staying for the night, the SU always has a warm vibe. Dirty Disco is popular for its themed nights, which chop and change throughout the year. Look out for geek night, foam party and UV paint party- there’s no end of sweaty dance floors, hot pants and cheap, cold beer. It’s the Welcome Wagon on the 27th; who better to wear in the baby freshers than Greg James and Example?

When: Every Friday
Entry: £4.00 in adv, £5.00 on the door
Deals: In abundance
Music: Chart, live DJs and light-hearted club

Mixtape at The Keys

The Keys is one for students of any musical taste; if you want to meet some eccentric characters, quest no further. Mixtape, though, is made solely for soft haired, dreamily dressed indie kids. It’s all about live music, friends and having frivolous fun.

When: Every Tuesday
Entry: Free before 10pm, £2.00 after
Deals: £2.00 cocktails, beer & spirits; £1.00 shots
Music: Live and Indie

Creeps at The Medicine Bar

Creeps is one for the glossy-haired alt. kid. Think old skool Blondie- but with a sprinkle of glam rock, Top-Shop and TRESemmé Freeze Hold.

When: Every Thursday
Entry: £3.00, £2.00 with NUS student cards
Deals: £2.50 Creep’s Cocktails, £1.50 selected bottles
Music: From the XX to Nirvana… and a little bit of Trash

Satur-Gay at Blu

Blu is for everybody- and it’s always happy, giddy and full to its lovely walls. Satur-gay is lavish- think stilt-walkers, face-painters, dancers and paparazzi. It’s the kind of place you could lose your friends in and not feel like an idiot.

When: Every Saturday, 11.30pm-4.30am
Entry: £4.00 Q-Jump before 11.30pm
Deals: From £1.49 at Daisy Diamond’s Pop Shop
Music: Wild

Words by Leonie Ann Garlick