Frogs Away!

Frogs are known for their on/off romance with pigs, sitting on lily pads and saying "ribbit". What they tend not to be known for is their fearless attempts to get into space. But that's the reason why a certain amphibian has hit the news, after photobombing the launch of the Minotaur 5 rocket in Virginia, USA.

The rocket might have been named after a mythical part-man part-bull creature, but this is no cock and bull story. NASA confirmed the appearance of the frog and its launch alongside the rocket, taking a free ride from the £180 million rocket launch. 

This week it was revealed that Voyager is the longest travelled man made object, as it moved into deep space last year. However NASA has stated that they are not trying to equal the record with amphibians. 

The frog was unavailable for comment, and a NASA spokesman stated: “The condition of the frog... is uncertain.” Bet they never thought they'd have to say that.

Words by Mairi Harris