Top Less - The Band With the Best Album Name Ever

Top Less are a Canadian sort of pop, sort if electro band that are about to release the best named album ever “Gay Love Tekno Party”.

That’s right TOPLESS – GAY LOVE TEKNO PARTY.  Go like that on facebook I fucking dare you. I can’t wait till that pops up in my ex-girlfriends timeline.

I have no idea what to make of this band. I assume for the most part they are taking the piss. Check out the world’s most sweary promo reel before you watch any of their actual videos.

Now some tunes. 
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And this is a bit different from last year. 
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Apparently their live shows are packed full of theatrical content including costume, dance performance, glitter, props and massive video projections.
Their debut album "Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party" is released on 09 September 2013.