Interview: Foxes

Foxes, aka singer and songwriter Louisa Rose Allen has had huge success over the last year with her singles Youth and Clarity. She has collaborated with the likes of Fall Out Boy and Rudimental and now she is breaking out on her own. I had a quick chat with her about what she has been up to and the exciting things she has coming up:

So Louisa, you say you like your songs to start out sounding like things are bad then turn out happy, are you a believer in happy endings? 

Yeah I think so, I like things that sort of give you hope and I like films that have that kind of message too, films like Forest Gump and that kind of thing, yeah. I like to do that in music and try and give hope through the bad times.

Are films a big influence on your writing?

Yeah films are a really big influence they actually inspire me more than music does, I’m more visually inspired by films. I love film soundtracks as they communicate a story through music. I like films like Leon, Donnie Darko and how soundtracks give a message without even having lyrics, it can be really beautiful.

How does it feel to know at the young age of 23 you have been named as one to watch by mega star Katy Perry and that rock star Pete Wentz demanded to work with you?

It feels a bit ridiculous because I’m just kind of in London doing my thing and they’re huge stars. Pete Wentz and the fall out boy guys are really nice and we’re all friends now, it’s good. I’m a massive fan of Katy Perry also and when she said Foxes I thought she was talking about the animal!

What kind of sound can we expect from your new album?

It is a pop album, and it’s also a lot more me and a lot more personal than anything I’ve done before. There’s are good mix of songs on there from you know the huge “bangers” to the songs that aren’t as obvious on an album which I always like the best.

Are you nervous after the huge success all of your collaborative work that the album won’t be as well received?

I think if the past year has taught me anything it’s that I never thought I’d be here and having all these wonderful opportunities. To be in the position and to put an album out is amazing and I’m happy whatever the outcome.

I’m sure it will do fantastically. Interestingly, your name came about after your mum had a dream about foxes running through the street singing beautiful music, do you think it was a sign of what was to come?

Yeah, maybe. Mums do kind of have that sense sort of thing. I just really like the fact that she had that dream and I like that she kind of had that premonition type thing. I like the connection there.

And finally what is one thing that no one knows about Foxes?

I think I can speak German when I’m drunk. I’ve never had any lessons, it’s just something I do when I’m drunk!

Interview by Lauren-Rose Williams

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