Inventor Of Doner Kebab Dies

Kadir Nurman, the man widely known as the inventor of the doner kebab and saviour of many a hangover, sadly passed away earlier this week.

Born in Turkey but based in Germany, he first set up his stall in western Berlin back in 1972.

He got the idea to put grilled meat inside of flat-bread with salad and sauce when he became aware that city workers had no way of eating on the move.

Unfortunately he didn't put a patent on his ideas so the more savvy people were able to copy his doings and go forth to make mass profit. Mostly from drunken clubbers.

In a recent interview he let the world know that he was unhappy with the standards of modern kebabs as "there are too many ingredients" in them.

So next time you stumble out of a club at 3am and you're feeling a bit peckish, eat that kebab with pride to pay tribute to the man himself who's up there watching from above in the big chip-shop in the sky.

WORDS: Nathan Simm