Lady Gaga Rants On Twitter

Lady Gaga has gone on a twitter rant - just in time to launch her new track.

Her twitter was subjected to a tiraid from the hit-making, sometimes meat wearing popstar as she let her 'Poker Face' slip, as she reminded the twitter-sphere of some of her more salacious headlines.

All this was amid a flurry of emotionally charged hashtags to accentuate her point in each picture.

Not that they had anything to do with her new collaboration with R. Kelly, of course. She got serious, putting the caps lock on for add-ons such as #ImNotSorry #WriteWhatUWant, #DoWhatYouWantWithMyBody and #SayWhatUWantBoutMe

Dragging up that old rumour from 2009 of her being a hermaphrodite she posted the photo that had caused the controversy to begin with.

If Gaga is a pop princess then she is out for the crown. Not content with hitting out at critics of her look and possibly questionable gender, she also reminded fans of her feud with the queen of pop, where Madonna called Gaga's work "reductive". 

She even addressed the rivalry with another American songstress, Katy Perry.

The internet is a great place to strike back at the haters and she certainly did so, criticising those who called her fat and a junkie.

Shameless and fearless, she went on to reveal her new singles cover art, featuring an image of her bum.

No one does self publicity like Lady Gaga. #WeWillSayWhatWeLike #AndWeLikeYourGuts

Words by Gemma Clark