2013′s Biggest Film Flops Revealed

The year may not be over yet, but Forbes have put together a list of 2013′s biggest movie fails. 

These are the ones that cost a bomb to make, but raked in very little at the box office. “Turkeys” as they are oh-so affectionately known.

The winner (if you can call it that) this year is, surprisingly, The Fifth Estate. Despite starring man-of-the-moment Benedict Cumberbatch the film only managed to claw back 21% of its $28million production budget. Strange, you’d think the Cumberbitches would ensure nothing but iron-clad success for him. Maybe it was that hair.

Here’s the full list of failures in descending order.

  1. The Fifth Estate –> $28million budget –> $6million return
  2. Bullet to the Head –> $25million budget –> $9million return
  3. Paranoia –> $35million budget –> $13.5million return
  4. Parker –> $35million budget –> $17million return
  5. Broken City –> $35million budget –> $19million return
  6. Battle of the Year –> $20million budget –> $11million return
  7. Getaway –> $18million budget –> $10.5million return
  8. Peeples –> $15million budget –> $9million return
  9. R.I.P.D –> $130million budget –> $78million return
  10. The Big Wedding –> $35million budget –> $22million return

Note: this list does not take marketing costs into account.

[ Source: Forbes ]

Words by Matthew Gammond

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