5 Must-visit vintage stores in Brick Lane, London

BRICK LANE LOVES FASHION. It’s no secret Brick Lane is a haven for all things quirky and vintage. If you’re ever in need of some fashion inspiration, this is the spot. Think of it is an East End gritty catwalk bursting with culture and character. 

Once a deprived and largely dismissed area of East London, Brick Lane has flourished as a true diamond in the rough. Hosting a unique and culturally diverse environment this iconic hotspot attracts the creative including graffiti artists, stylists and designers. With a vibrant selection of well stocked thrift stores and independent label pop up shops it’s no surprise Brick Lane is one of London’s most popular tourist shopping destinations.

Sunday is the best day to visit the Old Truman Brewery and have a good old browse around the vintage markets filled with new faces each week. Of course, all that rummaging is hungry work so be sure to follow your nose down to the food stalls offering some of the finest tastes from all over the world. Just remember to draw out some cash! Most of the Sunday vintage stalls are cash only.

Here is a list of my must-visits:


If you’ve ever been to Brick Lane you’re bound to have been approached by a Blitz promoter. They are pretty hard to avoid. Blitz is one of the most well organised thrift stores in the area and their promoters are regularly handing out flyers with a 10% off discount so make sure you grab yours! The store boasts a vast range of vintage clothes, shoes and accessories across two floors. This vintage store in particular has a large selection of quality denim jeans, dungarees and jackets at a reasonable price tag. 

What a breath of fresh air this store is- literally. This is a much more selective, high quality vintage store. Not to mention it is very well-maintained to ensure a stress free shopping experience. Although much smaller than its neighbours, you won’t find any holes or stains from the 60’s here! Surprisingly most of the items come at a fairly reasonable price and the owners regularly stock elegant one of a kind pieces. If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated that doesn't smell like a wet dog, this is the place for you my friend.

This historical store just off Brick Lane on Cheshire street has been open for over a decade and has become a celebrity hotspot amongst the likes of Rihanna and Jarvis Cocker from the Pulp. True to its name, this Cheshire street branch was once an Old dairy factory and is one of London's biggest vintage originators. Beyond Retro also hosts a huge store in Dalston and another in Soho, which is well worth the visit due to its spectacular displays and organisation. In addition to this they have their very own shop cat - Tiny, who was adopted from Lik & Neon just down the road on Sclatter Street. They're also partial to a bit of live music and are open till as late as 8pm on Thursdays- what more could you possibly want?

Rokit- another staple name of Brick Lane- is a well established branch stocking all kinds of vintage. Spreading across two stores you will find a selection of good quality items although their prices aren’t as competitive as they once were. However, Rokit’s fine reputation is down to their extensive quality checks, so you won’t be purchasing any musty poor quality items which is often the downfall of many other stores. Catering to the ladies and gents there is a variety of garments and accessories ranging from prom dresses to men’s leather satchels. Be sure to check out their jewellery pieces which are always in an excellent state. 

Stocking garments from the fabulous fifties right through to the edgy eighties this unisex vintage store sets itself apart from the rest. Its competitive prices are an attractive attribute for starters, with many items costing no more than £10 - £15. Hosting a vast selection of baseball tops and jerseys to fine quality knitwear there is always a bargain to be found. Stock can be a little scarce after sales but don’t be put off a good rummage and be sure to check out their re-worked items which are usually a little cheaper.

Words by Stephanie Gale