Alternate Ways to Earn Money at Uni

There comes a point when you’ll have exhausted all your local Uni haunts and grown bored of the same faces, the same anthemic closing song and the same results - a stinking hangover with no recollection of the ‘sameness’ of the night, hence the viscous repeating cycle.

When that point hits, it’s time to round up the troops, chuck your speedos in a suitcase and do one.

One problem though, you’re a student and living off a tight budget as it is, how can you possibly afford a holiday?

Well fear not, here are just a few ways you can fund your frivolities.

Get a part time job
Okay so this isn’t an alternative way to fund the good times I hear you say, but I’ve got to put it in here in case you’re, well, a bit special.

There are loads of jobs to do at uni, ranging from restaurant work to call centre jobs to supermarket assistant roles, but how do you know what’s right for you?

Ever dreamt of being a ninja? Then replace the throwing star dream with flyers for your local club.

Is your favourite film coyote ugly or cocktail? Then the bar is your new home.

Got great fashion sense? Become a moving Mannequin and work the shop floor.

Your best bet though is to get some professional advice and check out your Uni Job shop and sign up for their latest vacancy alerts.

Become an entrepreneur!
This is definitely the easiest way to make money. All you have to do is identify a need, work backwards and think of a solution to that need, then find a way to make your solution a reality, prove it works, market your amazing new product/service, find funding to grow and then sell your idea for a pile of cash. Hey presto, you’re an entrepreneur. Suck it Zuckerberg.

In the unlikely event that you need any help on your way to entrepreneurial stardom, then check out the following resources- Wayra (@WayraUK), Smarta (@SmartaHQ), Schoolforstartups (@s4s)

Work for your tutor
Certain lecturers and professors will conduct their own research outside of teaching in class, so why not get paid for assisting them? All you have to do is collect a bit of data, and you've got some work experience to add to your CV. If you’re worried about being taunted as a teacher’s pet or a kiss ass, then simply waft the wad of money in that person’s face and see if they still taunt you. Easy money.

Use your skills

Everyone is good at least one thing, find out what that one thing is and try and exploit it for the greater good. In this case the greater good being your pocket.

If you can hold a tune without your flatmates rinsing you or walking out, then hit the streets and do a bit of busking. You’re bound to find someone who will take pity on you, or is smashed out of their face, that will chuck you a few coins.

If you’ve got a passion for art and design, why not check out the live paid briefs on Concept Cupboard (@conceptcupboard). 

Become a private tutor
How hard can this actually be? If your lecturer can do it, then surely you can?

Well in fairness to your lecturer, teaching is a fairly difficult skill. If you are going to teach someone GCSE level history you can’t just blag your way through the session if you don’t know your stuff.

Telling a kid the cold war was called that because of the chilly temperatures at the time may get you through the session, but it isn’t going to wash when mum and dad ask them what they have learnt today.

If you truly know your stuff sign up to tutorhunt.com (@tutorhunt)

Be a guinea pig!
So we’re not saying take a cocktail of test stage drugs and hope for the best. If that’s what your in to, and that sounds like the start to a perfect night out, then each to their own. We were thinking along the lines of something much safer, such as answering questions for final year student’s dissertations.

Learn to play poker

Poker was all the rage a few years ago, and while it may not be as popular these days, if you are comfortable with probability and psychology then it could potentially bring you a decent income.

Obviously there are risks with gambling, so only gamble with what you can afford to loose. A friend of mine used to go to casinos on a Friday and Saturday in the early hours when a lot of people were a bit worse for the wear.

He used to avoid drinking on them nights and clean them all out, instead preferring to have a drink on the student nights during the week with his winnings. For the latest events check out Poker news (@PokerNews)

Cut back and save money
Ok, so this probably isn’t going to be the most popular option. With certain purchases we don’t actually need them and can even regret purchasing them. All I’m saying is think about the alternatives before you buy, do you really need it?

If you need help with saving then this sight is really helpful moneyadviceservice.org.uk (@YourMoneyAdvice)

Hopefully with the help of these tips, you’ll be able to break the cycle of going to your local haunts and will enjoy a completely new experience in the sun.

If you are considering going away, don’t forget to speak to the guys at statravel.co.uk (@STATravel_UK) they’re a great travel company for students.

Happy partying people.

Words by Martin Sharples