Cardiff University Football Team Banned after 'How to Sleep With Low Self-esteem Women' Presentation

A couple of weeks after Aberystwyth University cricket team were banned from competing due to a member wearing a t-shirt with the slogan “casual rape”, it is now the turn of another Welsh university’s sporting team to face punishment for sexist acts.

The Cardiff University Football Club have been given a two week ban, from training and playing matches, after a PowerPoint presentation was given by a member of the club on “how to sleep with women who have low self-esteem” whilst also allegedly joking about date-rape and domestic violence.

The description of the presentation was detailed in Gair Rhydd, the university’s student newspaper:

"The content of the presentation was based around a self-deprecating analysis of the club member who delivered it and his lack of success attracting girls. It then proceeded to focus on how to spot girls with low self-esteem as they 'are easier to have sex with', according to those in attendance."

The controversy was made at social event held in Vulcan Lounge, a Cardiff nightclub, on 6th November as the club gathered with the university’s dance society, Funky Arse Dancing (Fad), where a number of females were present.

On witnessing the presentation a stunned member of the dance group told the student magazine, "It was totally unacceptable. All of the girls were forced to the front to watch a PowerPoint which made light of girls with low self-esteem, spiking girls' drinks, domestic violence and even rape.

"These are all real life issues facing women (and men) today and we should not have to deal with this kind of 'lad culture' anywhere, but especially in the university environment."

Steve Wilford, the Students' Union director of membership, imposed the ban after an inquiry was held and claimed in his 12 years of working with student sports “this is the first time I've ever had to take the decision to prevent people from playing.”

Further punishment for the football club has seen the annual Varsity football fixture against rival University, Swansea, cancelled and organisers of the event banned from all university sports venues and football club activity.

In response to the issue, a spokesman from Cardiff University has come out and said: 

"The University is aware of a complaint received by the Students' Union regarding the conduct of the football club at a social event. The university strongly condemns any conduct that demeans either women or our culture of equality and diversity."

"This marked a gross breach of the university's student code, the Athletic Union's behavioural code and fell short of basic respect and decency. We are resolutely committed to eliminating discrimination wherever it might occur and will take all appropriate steps to ensure that similar incidents are not repeated."

"Since the incident, the university has been working closely with the Students' Union to investigate this matter in order to understand how and why this incident was able to occur.”

With the hope that there will not be a repeat incident, the football club has been ordered to develop training which promotes an understanding of equality to its members.

Words by Jamie Allison