Motivational Music to Study By

It seems that, as students, we are forever being bombarded by adverts and playlists telling us what we should be listening to and where we should be going to get the best tunes.

With so much choice, which music is really best to get down and darn-nerdy to? Here are a few fool-proof artists to suit most tastes, tried and tested by only the best eardrums.

The 1975

Fresh and yet 10 years old, once you’ve gotten over the sheer brilliance of their debut album and EP set, The 1975 will get you working at a steady pace. Driving synths and drums, there’s just enough funk and edge to keep you anything but stressed. 

Laura Marling

At only 23, Miss Marling lets us know that amazing things can be done no matter what your age. A Brit Award, a NME award and multiple Mercury Prize nominations under her belt, surely that essay is achievable, no? Soothing, fuss-free and inspiring: bliss. 

Biffy Clyro

There’s nothing like a bit-of-Biffy to get you going, get you through and then get you celebrating. If that’s not enough, just imagine the trio performing…shirtless. Apparently they ruin too many clothes through sweat. Girls want them, guys want to be them. 

Reel Big Fish

Reel Big Fish are the veterans of ska. Upbeat, cheerful and at times, vengeful, these tunes will keep you motivated while simultaneously taking out your essay-rage through singing along to the most insane lyrics and brass-band riffs. 


Feeling woeful? Well turn that frown into a frown of power and determination (the wrinkles will be worth it). If there’s one artist that will make you feel like you can do anything on this earth, Ke$ha is it. 

Bruce Springsteen

Brucey and his classic rock songs are underrated when it comes to studying. He even has his own version of ‘Wreckin’ Ball’, albeit a little different from Miley Cyrus’ current efforts, it must be said. Easy listening for tired ears, Springsteen won’t fail to put your faith back into your efforts. 

Twin Atlantic

The embodiment of teenage angst and hormones, Twin Atlantic feel like a throw-back to your teenage years in all the right ways. Rhotic and razor-sharp, good to shout along to, these boys will get the adrenaline pumping for that final push into post-essay, post-exam freedom. 


For the ones out there who are gifted with the gab, Eminem is the way to go. Want to spend all your time talking to your friends, unable to focus for lack of communication? Learn a few songs and rattle them off before a big session and your jaw will be aching too much to care about the latest gossip. 

By Kate Walker