The Cheeky Parlour, London - Review

If you're anything like me, the thought of going to a hair or beauty salon can be a daunting prospect. From the awkward conversation between yourself and the stylist, to the sheer disappointment of leaving with that dodgy barnet you allowed to happen. Lets face it, the whole thing can be pretty excruciating.

Thats where The Cheeky Parlour comes in. Located in the bustling and ever so trendy, Shoreditch, the salon boasts an impressive space that looks more like a NYC studio than your average, brightly lit corner salon. On arrival, you will be handed a quick form to fill where you can choose what service you are requiring, as well as food and drink. Its 11am and a glass of wine is totally justifiable whilst you wait for your blow dry, ok?

Now onto the services you may wish to receive. The parlours secret weapon is that it specialises only in treating hair and nails. Don't go in there demanding to be booked in for a moustache bleach or chin wax, you will be swiftly turned away (and would probably be on the receiving end of some funny looks too). You have two options here; a 'cheeky paint' (£12 for file and polish, plus you get to take the polish home with you) or a 'cheeky blow' (£15).

A Cheeky Blow comes in four different styles, creating either volume, bohemian beachy locks, soothing waves or a individual style of your choice.

Or if you fancy something a little different, you can have your hair styled into a pony, knot or plait with a Cheeky Updo.

Simplicity is key at The Cheeky Parlour, but customers can expect to receive expert care. The team of hair stylists and nail technicians are knowledgable and engaging, making it top priority to make you feel comfortable from the moment you enter. All products used on your hair and nails are from the official Cheeky range (which can be purchased after your treatment or from your local Superdrug store from January 2014), with an array of options from 21 polish colours to hair mouses and plumping powders.

The atmosphere is what sets this salon apart from its competition. Food and drink is homemade and served promptly, whilst music is played the good old fashioned way; through vinyls and a record player. Once you're finished you also have the option to take a quick visit to the parlours 'Selfie Studio' which will have the social media generation screaming with delight as you can have your new look professionally papped and uploaded straight to your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram ETC.

Cheeky is the perfect experience for the 'London for less' student and with whispers of plans for expansion, you'd be a fool not to check it out before it hits the mainstream.

The Cheeky Parlour

64-66 Redchurch Street, E2, London

Twitter & Instagram: @urcheeky

Words: Sophie Smallshaw