Bananas thrown at Italy’s first black minister

Cécile Kyenge is one of the few politicians I can say I kind of admire, after showing she doesn’t let a few banana-throwing, racist shitheads get to her. Since becoming Italy’s first black minister she has been repeatedly targeted with racist abuse.

Kyenge is a naturalised citizen born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and was making a speech on Friday when bananas were thrown at her, narrowly missing the stage. Instead of losing her head and giving up, as I think most of us would do, she simply told the culprit off for wasting food.

It’s not only random dicks that are attacking Kyenge, but fellow politicians as well. Italian senator Robert Calderoli claimed she had “the features of an orang-utan”. Despite pretty much all of Italy demanding he resign, he refuses to shift his useless arse from his padded desk chair.

On top of the bananas and the orang-utan comments, further racist protests against Kyenge include mannequins with “immigration kills” written in red paint, claims her party is a “bongo bongo government” and graffiti reading “Kyenge, go back to Congo”.

Keynge says she will not let this affect her, or her plans to go ahead with a law change that will make it easier for Italian-born children of immigrants to gain Italian citizenship. She hopes that it will unite the “good’ Italy and help her look ahead.

Words by Khia Reynolds