Borderline:FIRE - New Single

It is a far from typical tale that a band with roots in indie would evolve toward a heavier, harder edge. 

Indeed, in the majority of cases it’s entirely the other way around; many metal or alternative bands will actively incorporate elements of melody and pop into their songwriting as their careers progress (or don’t as the case may be), as they vie for broader commercial appeal. Not so for Reading quintet Borderline:FIRE, who began a one year exploration of their sonic persona as an indie-pop act, emerging from their studio coccoon with big brassy riffs leading their musical charge.

“We took a lot of time during the writing process, and it took us a good year to find our niche, or what we consider to be our sound,” 

..says lead vocalist Jamie Boshier; “The end result was not initially intended, but we are proud of the outcome. We've grown more mature as a band, and we have a much better overview and understanding of our direction, and now writing seems natural rather than forced. Finding our genre wasn't something we did intentionally, but it has worked.”

The first fully realised chapter in Borderline:FIRE’s career is the 6 track mini-album This Trojan State, a defiantly competent and assured debut. 

Check out the single: Chains

Catch them on the road:

Friday 2nd August - HobFest @ Hobgoblin, Maidenhead
Saturday 3rd August - Affinity Festival, South Hill Park, Bracknell (Wilde stage)
Friday 20th September - Camden, Barfly
 (Release Show)
Tuesday 24th September - The Racehorse, Northampton (TBC)

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