Ducktales: Remastered

Back in the past there were hardly any computer games, and the ones we did have were very very expensive.

£40 + might sound about right now, but you have to remember that in 1990 a McDonald's hamburger was 59p and petrol was 49 per litre. £40 bought you a lot more stuff. As a result you'd only get maybe two new games a year, so they really had to last.

Owing to the relatively small amount of information that could be saved on a cartridge, most games only had a small handful of levels. So in order to extend their longevity, designed just made every game incredibly bloody difficult. 

No one completed anything ever. You couldn't save your progress, so if I switched off the machine you were starting all over again. The Turtles game sticks in my mind as an example of a "Nintendo Hard" title, but Ducktales was definitely up there. But it also was was funner than duck, and I'm delighted because Wayforward Games have announced Ducktales: Remastered, for all next gen consoles.

They've recreated the entire original game. Every level from the moon to the Himalayas (my personal favourite) has been lovingly recrafted, and they've even added some new areas. 

There are some improvements in gameplay, such as a more intuitive and less random Pogo Jump, plus they've changed up the boss patterns so you can't just go in with the system memorised from 23 years ago and expect to burn through it.

Each sprite is hand drawn and will exist as a 2D image in a somewhat 3D world, so you get the full "Disney Effect" as you control Scrooge McDuck on his quest to get more treasure than another fairly rich duck. Aces.

Ducktails: Remastered is released on PSN, Steam and Wii U from August 13th with the XBLA version arriving on September 11th.

I hope they've recreated the music from the original too, because some of that was just hypnotic. Check it out below...

Words By Gazz Wood