GTA V: What You Can Expect

Rockstar Games have finally announced the release date for the latest instalment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. 

The trailer made the internet go pop for a bit last week and you couldn't look at a digital screen without the thing jumping up at you in some form. So now the hype and hysteria has settled down a little let’s have a look at what we can expect.

If you have just got back from throwing rocks at people in Egypt here is the trailer.

What a trailer! Some of the footage in this new trailer is truly jaw dropping. The extensive detail in Rockstar’s re-imagining of southern California looks incredibly impressive and diverse.

The main difference between GTA V and previous Grand Theft Auto adventures is that the storylines of three separate, playable characters are intertwined. This is a very exciting prospect for GTA fans and the trailer shows how smoothly these different viewpoints will work together as one. Not only will you be able to switch between (or drop in unannounced on) protagonists whilst they are on different sides of the map, you will be able to take part in tasks with all three, switching viewpoints within the mission. 

Michael, Franklyn and Trevor are the three characters on which the game will be based. Michael is described as an ex-bank robber and seems like a Tony Soprano inspired figure. Franklyn appears to be a would-be gangster, to smart for the hood. Trevor is a different story all together. The scene in the trailer in which he is disposing of a corpse down a toilet is as disturbing as it is intriguing!

So what exciting new activities can our three characters look forward to within the open world gameplay environment of Los Santos? Alongside aspects of the game that have been seen in previous Grand Theft Auto instalments, such as flying planes and customizing cars and clothes, brand new in-game pursuits are available. The ability to pursue leisure sports including golf, tennis, hunting, bike riding, diving and the less leisurely sport of bounty hunting are a tantalising prospect. These options also give an insight into the incredible detail of the game.

Another exciting prospect, which can be spotted within the gameplay trailer, is what appears to be a destructible environment. The ability to destroy walls and buildings within the game has never been seen before in the GTA series. How this will work in the game overall is yet to be seen.

The storyline and missions within GTA V will be controlled more by the player than a strict structured set of missions, which also moves away from what has been seen in Vice City, San Andreas or Liberty City. As stated towards the end of the trailer, the player is responsible for carrying out a series of heists. The player is also responsible for choosing which heists to carry out and with whom they will plan their criminal capers. Could this mean that different decisions will result in different outcomes; in a LA Noire style game progression? We will have to wait to find out!

Last, but by no means least, the trailer gives us glimpse at Grand Theft Auto V online. Rockstar leaves us with the promise that they will show us more of GTA V online soon but the few seconds of footage they do show gives us an impression that it will be a phenomenal gaming experience.

I am now counting down the days until 17th September! Hopefully we will get some more information and snippets of gameplay soon, but until then we will have to make do with this trailer. See it for yourself below!

Words by Mark Haldon

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