The Word Alive: Interview

In this week’s ‘Firsts and Worsts’ interview, our reporter Michael Glynn had a chat to Tony Pizzuti and Tyler 'Telle' Smith from The Word Alive, who have just announced their first headline UK tour for December and their new EP has just been released.

Wireless: Who was on the first poster that you had in your bedroom?
Telle (Scream): Erm, Carmen Electra, nah I'm just kidding.
Tony (Guitar): I think mine was Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd, some classic rock that my dad got me into.
Telle: Mine was from this skate boarding magazine that we have in the States and I would just take all of the cool skateboarding posters and put them all over my wall so for a long time I was just putting skateboarders, BMX riders and extreme sports everywhere.

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Wireless: How did the first gig you ever played go down?
Tony: My first gig I played I was about 13 years old and we played this laser tag place, it was a battle of the bands and we won $500 so we were pretty pumped.
Telle: My first gig was not nearly as good, we put on a $2 dollar concert and headlined for an hour and a half. So we were this local band that had just started and we wrote something like 17 songs and we were all switching instruments, we had an interlude bit and it was mostly filled with our parents, friends and a couple of people who felt bad for us.

Wireless: What was the worst hangover you've ever had?
Tony: I think it was the first time I had Fireball Whiskey. We were in Seattle and it was couple of years ago, my best friend took us out to this bar and it was excellent until the next morning when I couldn't even move.

Telle: My worst one was probably a few months ago, I was went out and we made the horrible decision that when we got home we would finish a bottle of wine, my girlfriend and I and our two friends were already super super drunk. The next day we were throwing up everywhere, couldn't eat and couldn't move, you know that moment or so where you think that you're going to genuinely die.

Wireless: Worst human alive?
Tony: Wow I don't know if there's anyone that I hate that much, I meant there is a couple of people I hate but hmm...
Telle: I'm going to say Chris Brown, he's one of my least favourite humans.

Wireless: Worst gig you've ever played?

Telle: It was an amazing experience, we played in New Zealand but the venue we played at was shot, the sound guy left before we even started played, during our soundcheck he went to smoke a doobie or something. We were on at like 2:30 in the morning as well.

Tony: We were so jetlagged Tele: There was no one there because it was at a ski resort town but it was off season and only our fans that had drove for miles were there. It was crazy, we played like 4 songs with the worst sound. I was singing on the floor because there were no monitors, it was the worst ever. But New Zealand is the most beautiful place ever.

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