Neil Gaiman launches video game

He's better known for his fantasy horror books and graphic novels but Neil Gaiman is launching his first video game.

It's not Gaiman's first attempt to get into the world of gaming. He worked on several in the late 90s, but fate seemed staunchly against it. “What tended to happen is I put an incredible amount of work in these things and just as something was about to happen, the company was about to go bankrupt," Gaiman explained.

Let's hope for independent games studio, The Odd Gentleman and Games Publisher that 'Moonshark' history does not repeat itself, because who doesn't want to see the creator of the Sandman series take on a shoot-em-up or zombie game?

The game 'Wayward Manor' is one that Gaiman founded himself, unable to resist working on it. He admitted that the process “just got fun and I had to make time.”

He has created a ghost story and is being tight-lipped on the details, but has said you're not hunting the ghost: you are the ghost. Even less usual, you're one that just wants to be left in peace and get what you regard as 'squatters' out of your lovely home.

If all this sounds a tad sweet, Gaiman adds a darker note. “I don't want to give anything away but it's safe to say you were killed in the 1880's and you were killed for a reason.”

Word is the game is due out in the Fall and will be available for PCs, Macs and tablet devices. Fans of his books and gamers alike are marking it in their calendars.

Words by Mairi Harris

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