Michael Caine Confirmed for 'The Secret Service'

Every single thing Mark Millar writes is eventually turned into a movie, and usually directed by Matthew Vaughn.

The Secret Service is to be no different and the story of a scummy little chav kid turned into a gentleman spy by his MI6 uncle is set to start production in five weeks time.

Perennial Englishman Colin Firth will play the uncle, someone you don't know and who hasn't been announced will play the kid, and now Mark Millar has confirmed that Sir Michael Caine has been cast as the head of the intelligence organisation.

SlashFilm sat down with Millar at Comicon to discuss the movie, which was adapted by Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass 1 & 2 plus Jonathan Ross' wife) and he said the following words... 

"All the cast is done. Michael Caine is the head of this spy organization. Colin Firth is the senior guy and a [there's a] new young guy coming in. So it’s My Fair Lady meets James Bond."

Caine is a brilliant choice for an old hand secret agent, having been considered for James Bond more than once and also being undeniably excellent in every way.

"Secret Service" follows Gary (the chav kid) as he grows from horrible little gobshit nicking cars and being a twat on his council estate, through being taken under the wing of his Uncle, to foiling the plot of an international terrorist. He brings his knowledge of 'the streets' to the task of being a super spy, which mostly involves bottling someone and calling them a cunt. 

Secret Service is set to be released in November next year and may or may not contain a cameo from Mark Hamill.

Words by Gazz Wood

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