90’s Music Revival

In case you weren’t aware, we are in the midst of a ’90s revival. This means a few changes around the place. First and foremost, it suddenly becomes OK to sport double denim, secondly ditch those Louboutins and hunt out your finest glitter-filled jelly bean shoe and last but by no means least, tie dye no longer becomes something that you do at an after school club (Although the experience comes in very handy).But how has this impacted the world of music?  Well let me tell you...

The ’90s revival has been going on across nearly all genres of music for a while now, and in a way ’90s music never really went away (Well it didn’t for me anyway). The club scene is now catching on and at the forefront of the revival is ‘Risin’ Frenzy’ whose debut night in Liverpool back in June was filled with people crying out to be taken back to the days when it was OK to wear a headband with your name on it and Power Rangers were your idols (Go Tommy).
Packing out Camp and Furnace’s Blade Factory, ‘Risin Frenzy Presents the 90’s’ gave the people what they wanted! Tunes that quite literally took you back to the nineties. The beginning of the night saw gaggles of Kangol cap, dungaree sporting crowds getting down and dirty to rnb jams of TLC, R Kelly and Missy Elliot. As the Hooch flowed (Yes really, they sell Hooch). N Sync, Spice Girls and any boy/girl band combo you can think of kept the crowds entertained and I swear I saw a grown man of 25 doing a word perfect rendition and dance combo of  ‘Everybody (Backstreets back)’. As the scrunchies and hair mascara merged to create a sea of colour, the dance tunes started. Haddaway, the Shamen and the Vengaboys took us back to the days of under 18 discos when the only thing that mattered was how many smooches one could get in one night (So, not a lot has changed then).
Risin’ frenzy are back this September and with it they bring more 90’s classics and with fancy dress being greatly encouraged, what are you waiting for. Ladies, take inspiration from any Spice Girls video and you simply can’t go wrong. Whack your hair in a high pony, dust off the Babyliss crimping tongs and perhaps finish with a delightful butterfly clip. Boys any outfit with mounds of hair gel will suffice. If you really want to push the boat out then match your outfits with your mates and go as literally any boyband from the 90s (They all looked the same).
Risin’ Frenzy, Blade factory @ Camp and Furnace, Liverpool, 14th September 2013.
Words Rachael Campbell