The Red Paintings - Wasps Video

Trash McSweeney sees colour in music. Ever since suffering a near-fatal seizure, Trash set out to share with the world a lifetime's worth of ideas about what he has seen and felt.

‘’People create an album around a life, I created a life around an album.’’ A bold statement from the singer, but one that is evidently grounded in reality judging by the eclectic sounds of 'Wasps'

The Red Paintings combine performance art and music in a spectacular live show.  Each show features unique visual projections along with human body and canvas painters who join them on stage to create artworks that reflect their music and energy. Their sound evokes child-like lullabies of the future, to biting, alternative rock numbers. 'Wasps' showcases this on-stage flamboyance and bold musical flashes with a dark, industrial track complemented by a unsettling, militaristic music video.

Their album ‘The Revolution Is Never Coming’ is due for release on 30th September through Graphite Records

Check out Wasps below.

Words by Ian Pemberton

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