Through Colour to Release Double EP Series

Through Colour originally formed in Holyhead a decade ago, as the years passed by, the four friends grew tired of a lack of local opportunity and the creative confines of small town life, finally opting to up sticks and start afresh in the bustling rock scene of Manchester. Shacking up together to ensure an environment of creative focus, the band soon found that inspiration for a new direction came easier and more naturally than ever before, the big city lights acting like a proverbial ‘Eureka!’ bulb.

“When we moved up to Manchester, we all lived together, so being able to demo new ideas and sounds became much easier for us,” recalls vocalist Steve White;
“Having many more opportunities in a big city as opposed to a small town helped. Simple things like being able to rehearse more due to the amount of practice spaces in the city, to creative inspirations like having new things to write about due to these new experiences, the new people we were meeting and places we were seeing. The band took on a COMPLETE new way of life, and we think that’s really come across in the new sound.”

The result of this positive reinvention saw Through Colour - completed by guitarists Lee Crimes and Jazzy Bones, and drummer Shaun Humphreys - pen an album’s worth of fresh material; new songs with which the Through Colour sound took a journey to match that of its creators, progressing and branching out from basic post-hardcore roots to incorporate soaring hooks and an assured songwriting savvy. “Forcing ourselves into a sound was something we used to do, and ultimately what caused us to lose interest in the genre we were stuck in back in North Wales,” says White, whose heart on sleeve lyricism and punchy delivery forms the heart of Through Colour’s earworms; “We feel we have really challenged ourselves more as musicians. If we write something, and we like the sound of it, we try and explore where that song can take us.”

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Unusually, upon realising that the new tracks explored two distinct concepts - the band’s journey toward a new beginning, and what this brighter future may hold - Through Colour opted to split their would-be album down the centre, into two thematic E.P’s. The first of these E.P’s is ‘SOMNIUM’, with the second slated for unveiling later in the year.

Despite the many miles already behind them, physical and spiritual, this is but a first step of Through Colour’s new quest.

SOMNIUM is released September 30th