Happy Yorkshire Day!

WORDS: Khia Reynolds

As every true Yorkshire person will already know, today is Yorkshire Day, a day to celebrate everything good about ‘God’s own county’. It was first celebrated in 1975, as a protest against a government re-organisation which meant those Lancashire bastards stole some of our beloved Yorkshire. 

I joke of course, we no longer think Lancashire people are bastards. In fact, in parts of East Lancashire, that used to be Yorkshire, they are flying the Yorkshire flag and taking their whippets for a walk to the local pub.

The sober truth is we don’t even do much on this wonderful day. Perhaps somebody will demand Yorkshire puds and say “chuffin’ hell” a bit too much, but there is actually not much drinking involved. That alrate though,  we’ve come up with a few suggestions for those wanting to celebrate:

1.   Have a proper Sunday dinner: Don’t forget your Yorkshire puds, and try not to be one   of those “don’t let the gravy touch me’ puds” arseholes.

2.  Have a pint of ale: Find your local real ale pub and throw a pint of the good stuff darn’ ya neck.

3.  Buy a flat cap: Sure, you’ll look like a knob, but just imagine the respect you’ll command in your local.

5.  Listen to “On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at”: Can you guess what the hell this actually says? No? It means “On Ilkley Moor Without a Hat” and is considered our unofficial anthem.

5.  Listen to David Bowie: Okay, we’re stretching it a little here, but since David Bowie’s father was from Tadcaster, we’re claiming partial responsibility for him. 

Who knows, maybe in a few more years it will be just as important as Christmas. Perhaps we should start petitioning Hallmark. Until then however, enjoy this sketch by Monty Python: