Micropenis Man in Hospital Trip Shocker

Lots of guys are concerned about the size of their manhood. Usually they've got nothing to worry about. Too much porn and too little self esteem has left them paranoid. However, for a 66 year old man with the condition “micro penis”, it turns out his fears were right on the money.

For years the man had just thought his extremely small penis was due to him having a medical condition: one defined by having a happy stick measuring at under 3 inches erect or, as everyone else defines it, terrible luck. 

However, at a Hong Kong hospital, where the man was visiting due to a swollen abdomen, it was discovered that this man was in fact female. A cyst on the ovaries meant that this poor fella, or lady, or something, had spent their whole life believing that they were male. Complicating matters further, he/she looked exactly like a man, with a beard and everything, but had the internal organs of a woman. Which is pretty much proof that if there is a god, he occasionally picks people to screw with just to amuse himself.

The condition, which is a combination of two chromosomal abnormalities known as Turner Syndrome and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, is so absurdly rare that there are only six other recorded cases. The 66 year old reportedly still identifies himself as a man and may have to undergo testosterone replacement surgery. Knowing his luck, he'll probably find out he's an octopus before he even gets the chance.

Words by Ben Gibson