Who's The Girl in the New Arctic Monkeys Video?

We caught up with Lamie Stewart, the girl of Alex Turner’s affections in the new Arctic Monkeys video ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’

Yesterday (August 11th), Arctic Monkeys released the video for ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’ which is the latest single to be taken from the band's fifth studio album 'AM', due for release on September 9th.

The video, shot by Nabil in Hoxton, features a wasted Turner trying to organise a late night booty call with Stephanie, played by BMA model, Lamie Stewart. As he leaves his band mates in a bar and embarks on a quest to the girl’s house, he has explicit hallucinations and encounters the delights of East London at 4am. 

We had a chat with tattoo-loving Essex model, Lamie, about awkward kisses, kittens with quiffs and surprise sex scenes…

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So Lamie, how did you get involved with the Arctic Monkeys video?

Funny story actually, In the casting we had to do a lil’ acting piece in our underwear, but I hadn't received the email telling me this and I rushed to the casting before a different shoot and saw everyone wearing dressing gowns and was like, what the? So anyway, I was wearing the tiniest underwear I could have possibly picked (G- string tiny). I basically did the casting naked. I walked in like: “I’m really sorry about this guys...” Ha. Maybe that’s why I got it?

What was Nabil like as a director?

He was a cool guy, he knows what he wants that’s for sure. I mean he has a pretty incredible portfolio so I’m sure he knows what he is doing! 
Although, he cut out my Oscar winning performance of turning off the TV and having a stretch at the end, cheek of it.

How long did it take to shoot the video?

We shot over 2 days, both 12 hour night shifts... I was shattered! On the second day I took a nap under the make up counter while Alex was shooting his parts, the team leader guy came down to the dressing room to see me flat out and almost had a heart attack. I think he thought I'd passed out. I was like: "I'm just chilling dude, no worries."   

There are some pretty sexual scenes you're involved in, what were they like to shoot?

That’s another thing, I had no idea it was going to be so explicit. I just turned up and was like: “Oh right!” I should probably sort my emails out or something? They were interesting to shoot, to be fair it was really professional, everyone in the video are trained actors and it is only acting, nothing touched me! (Eww!) I didn't actually have to have sex with the kebab guy. Or did I...(No) 

What was the band like?

I only spoke to/spent time with Alex and Matt. The whole band only stayed for the first part of the first night. The second night it was only me, Alex, the team and the extras. 

Are you a fan of their music?

Yes! I used to listen to them non stop when I was in 6th form, I was stoked that I was going to get the chance to be in the video, despite arriving and realising I'm about to be passed around via Alex's drunk state of mind. Lol!

So do you have any anecdotes from making the video?

I dunno really. But riding the motorbike naked was quite a hoot. I thought I’d be freezing but those choppers are pretty toasty. Despite only seeing a 2 sec clip in the video we went up and down the street quite a few times!

One thing was pretty cute at the end of the shoot when I said my goodbyes. Alex went to kiss me on the cheek he slipped and kissed my ear by accident and said: "Sorry love, didn't mean to kiss you on your ear like ya nan" - (That was in a Sheffield accent by the way.) A month on and I still haven't washed this ear... Just kidding... Or am I?

I also remember eating a lot of watermelon...Yum. 

What was the after party like?

It was amazing, very soft & white... (my bed). We finished shooting both nights at like 4am! The only thing any of us wanted to do was sleep! 

You put on Twitter that 'Alex Turner is just as ridiculously good looking in real life', any romantic encounters there?

Haha yes he is, I don't know a girl who doesn't think so!

We did have a romantic encounter actually. In my dream, we got married and I gave birth to some rock ‘n’ roll kittens with Turner quiffs. 

Are you working on anything else at the moment?

I enjoy drawing and recently I have been working on putting together my art portfolio. Otherwise just modelling and generally being weird... Might join a bowling team?

Thanks for your time Lamie!

By Lucy Howell