World's first loose Pick N' Mix vending machine makes its sweet debut

Worried about sticky toddlers rubbing their grubby mitts on your cola bottles, gummy bears and jelly babies before you get your eager hands on them? Well, fear no more.

The first ever pick and mix vending machine has arrived, which is specially designed to accommodate all hard and soft penny sweets. This sweet tooth dream factory may soon be popping up in shopping centres, bowling alleys and modern leisure centres near you.

Pure Novelty teamed up with the largest suppliers of Pic n Mix in Europe, CandyKing UK Ltd, to create the vending machines, which are innovated to store retro sweets in air-tight cabinets. The sweets are kept in a hygienic environment that will keep your fried eggs fresh and stops them from going hard (boiled).

Whether you fancy a soft shrimp, juicy strawberry or sour cherry the machine will randomly mix and supply your favourite confectionary of choice at a touch of a button. Just pop £2 into the machine, wait 30 seconds and tuck in to candy heaven.

Check out the sweet video below.

Words by Carris Boast