A short guide to a weekend in York

As it was recently my birthday, I decided to go on a short weekend break to York. The city is a beautiful place and I had a lovely time in its scenic surroundings. Here is my short guide to a weekend break, full of romantic settings and reasonably priced tea.


If you decide to use price comparison websites to find a hotel, you will likely find a few places you like, and a lot of prices you don’t. Finding a hotel with spa, gardens, pool and room service for 2 nights at under £200 is virtually impossible. I know. I tried.

If you can’t afford to up your budget then narrow your list of ‘necessities’. You can still find a spacious, modern and affordable room complete with En suite bath and freeview TV, just as I did when I came across a gem in the form of the Blue Bridge hotel.

Upon arrival, we dumped our bags and hit the town for a drink, which brings me to my next pointer…


With beautiful old buildings and a fascinating history, I expected York’s nightlife to feel very posh and elegant. However York boasts a great alternative scene, with the lively Stone Roses, dive bar The Artful Dodger and Fibbers, which supposedly hosts the best rock night in York. However, if you’re not exclusively into rock music then make sure to head to Yates on the riverside, or the classy Pitcher and the Piano.

If none of these catch your fancy, then there are plenty of side streets bustling with great places to drink. Some will even transport you to a tropical holiday destination, with enough heaters and fun throwback music to make you feel as if you’re abroad.


The city is home to some beautiful tea-rooms, which should keep all true Brits happy. The famous Betty’s tea-rooms are so popular that people can be seen queuing down the street just to get their cake and caffeine fix. The shop next door also serves a selection of delectable treats and brightly coloured macaroons, just in case you want to take home a taste of York.

There are plenty of other wonderful sights, which are well worth checking out. The York Minister took 200 years to build and is a must-see for locals and tourists alike. Light a candle for a loved one or take a breath-taking tour around the grounds. Equally, the York City Walls, Church of St, Michael le Belfrey and Theatre Royal offer up a taste of culture.

For thrill-seekers, the York Dungeon is great for a bit of a scare, and the York Eye, located in the gardens of The Royal York hotel will give you amazing views over the city.

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Words by Lauren-Rose Williams