New Steam Operating System Announced

Valve have officially announced a new operating system which will be a combination of Steam's current platform and the Linux system. The new software is designed to coincide with Steam's Big Picture mode which will enhance 'living room gaming'. Valve have stated that Steam OS will be coming 'soon', will be available to any user for free “forever” and will be compatible with hundreds of games on launch. 
They are yet to specify which games will run on their new system, however have displayed screenshots of Metro: Last Light, Trine 2, Football Manager 3 and others. AAA games which will be native to the Steam OS are expected to be available next year. 

Steam OS is stated to produce 'signifiant perfomance increases in graphics processing' and 'reduce input latency' which means a more smooth experience for users. 

Two other steam announcements are expected to revealed very soon, the next is expected in around 2 days time. No indication has been given as to what Steam will reveal, though considering their focus on enhancing the Steam experience, it could be anything from a new Source engine to a more intuitive platform for its userbase.

Words by Rebecca Fields