Glasgow Yoga Event Delayed by Customs and Immigration

Glasgow has broken from its rigid training regimes ahead of the Commonwealth Games next year to play host to an exercise with a more flexible mantra.

A 1,500 strong yoga class at the Glasgow Emirates Arena was due to be lead by yoga master Swami Ramdevji, 47, also known as Baba Ramdev, but the spiritual leader almost did not make it to the event. After being held at Heathrow Airport for over six hours Ramdevji he was released and allowed to stay in the country. 

It is unclear as to why he was held, though rumours pertain to its relation with his being placed on the Indian “high risk” list, something the Indian authorities deny.

Despite his colourful background as an activist against government corruption, Ramdevji was greeted by over 150 of his reported 85 million strong following at the airport.

Fans were treated to several hours of downward facing dog and rising sun stretches, taught by the master and his most trusted colleagues, taking a break from the rigours enforced by Glasgow’s current health kick. It is hoped that the even will encourage resistant movers to limber up with this less intense but extremely beneficial type of exercise class.

Ramdevji was given a 24-hour visa and instructed to return to Terminal Five on Saturday afternoon, but says he would like to return to the UK for three months. With yoga gaining popularity as a sport and health facilitator as opposed to something passive and old fashioned, invitations for his return are expected soon, with even bigger group classes expected to held in various venues, both in and out with Glasgow.