Police Rescue Kidnapped Girl After Teenagers Call 911

There was seemingly nothing unusual when Aaron (19) and Jamal (17) saw an attractive woman in a car next to them at a red light.

She noticed them and made eye contact. Then she mouthed “help me” and they knew something was very wrong indeed.

Aaron and Jamal immediately phoned 911, even following the car for over an hour until the police arrived. The police rescued the sobbing woman, who told them that she had been forced into the car by an armed man after she left an office party.

Upon meeting the unlikely heroes were embraced by the woman. Aaron said: ““I would describe it as the best hug I've ever gotten.”

Thanks to a police dash-cam these amazing events are now available on Youtube, where it has become a worldwide hit.

The footage shows the heart-stopping moment the car was pulled over and the driver was apprehended, at which point the woman breaks down crying in the back seat.

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Words by Mairi Harris