Xbox One: Re-Spec

Microsoft has announced the Xbox One has undergone some changes regarding its specs and performance during production.

Just after E3 rumours began circulating on the internet that Microsoft were allegedly considering changing certain aspects of the hardware within their soon to be launched Xbox One console. Today these rumours were confirmed.

Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president of marketing and strategy for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, announced that Microsoft has been able to squeeze an extra 150 MHz out of the Xbox One’s CPU, bringing the console up to a 1.75 GHz clock speed, previously the CPU was revealed to be clocked in running at 1.60 GHz.

This follows on from a few weeks ago where Microsoft revealed they were able to raise the core clock speed of the on-board GPU from 800Mhz to 853Mhz. Speaking at Citi Global Technology Conference, Mehdi announced –
"We’re on track for launch in November. we’ll announce a launch date shortly. We recently just went into full production, so we’re now producing en masse Xbox One consoles. We’ve had real good progress on the system. In fact, we just updated the CPU performance to 1.75 GHz on top of the graphics performance improvement, so the system is really going to shine and the games look incredible.”

Mehdi claims the Xbox One’s launch this November will be the companies ”biggest launch by a wide margin,” and that ”we’ve built more units than we’ve ever built for an Xbox launch.”

So what do these changes mean for you and me, well by and large not a great deal. The increase in performance is negligable on both the CPU and GPU. When you're talking about specifications that are already 10x more powerful than the current generation, this I suppose is merely icing on an already delectable cake.

Words by Chris Messenger