Man Caught Smuggling Fish in his Trousers

A Vietnamese man was stopped in his attempts to smuggle live tropical fish into New Zealand when water was spotted dripping from his pockets.

Customs officials realised something fishy was going on, perhaps while twiddling their mustaches, and apprehended the man. For the purposes of the Wireless retelling of this story we'd like you to imagine this man is John Cleese. It's just a nicer image.

He initially argued that he was carrying water in his pockets because he was thirsty. Which in itself is a pretty mental thing to say. There were seven fish in total, which will now be considered the industry standard for international fish smuggling.

Despite this story seeming like the type of harmless comedy romp that wouldn't feel out of place in a Carry On film, the stern sounding Ministry Of Primary Industries feels otherwise:

“This is something we should all take very seriously. The fish could have been carrying diseases or have the potential to displace native species. ” said MPI spokesperson Craig Hughes.

The man will face charges under the Biosecurity Act, which carries maximum penalties of five years in jail or a NZ$100,000 (£50,000) fine. 

Words: Ben Gibson