RoboCop Trailer

Half Robot, Half Man, All Cop! RoboCop! The shiny metal protector of Detroit City is coming back and he’s coming black.

The first trailer for Jose Padilha’s Robocop remake is out and it’s turning some heads. Some away in disgust, and others round and round with unnatural joy. We see the future of Detroit City where “crime has gotten out of control” and the streets are littered with derelicts and filth. That’s what Detroit looks like now. It’s also what Detroit looked like when the original movie came out in 1987. 

We meet street cop Alex Murphy in a rain soaked alley as his partner is gunned down. Later, possibly targeted by the same people, Officer Murphy’s car is blown the hell up with him perilously close to it.

Near death, missing a few limbs and with 4th degree burns coving his shattered body, Alex’s only hope is to be rebuilt by OmniCorp, a shady military-industrial corporation who are at the forefront of robotics. Sam Jackson is there, because this is a film that exists, and he explains that we’re at the dawn of a new beginning.

Michael Keaton (BATMAN!) is the man at the top of this pile and he says he wants to put a man inside the machine. Because he’s Batman, he gets exactly what he wants and RoboCop is born.

Then the differences creep in, from Paul Verhoeven’s original to now. RoboCop appears to be aware that he’s Alex Murphy this time around, rather than discovering it later on. Also we get to see his face behind the visor a lot more often because these days it’s all about the actor not the character. Doesn’t matter if it takes away from the movie, we spent a lot of money on Joel Kinnaman so we wanna see the bloody guy.

Also instead of just a human face, RoboCop also has one remaining human hand. I imagine this is gonna come up at some point in the movie where they decide to let him keep his undamaged hand and it works in his favour somehow.

The extra interest in his family is a little annoying, because that’s what hamstrung World War Z. All that extra stuff with his bloody kids and wife took away from what we went to that movie see, and it’s possible we’re getting the same here. We can sympathise with a character without needing to see his tearful wife and button-nosed child. The original RoboCop had just as much pathos and we barely saw his family at all. They did the whole thing through the his partner and friend instead, which kept the story with the police. 

He’s RoboCOP after all, not RoboHUSBAND.

All that is minor though. MINOR… compared to my only real gripe with what I see in this trailer. RoboCop starts off as blue and black and cool. He’s all metallic and cyborg looking, but then half way through the trailer Michael Keaton rocks up in his Batmobile and demands he be painted black. Then he spends the rest of the picture looking a knock-off cyber-Batman. There’s nothing interesting or original about a man in an all black robot suit. He doesn’t look like a policeman, and that’s what he’s meant to be.

Despite that aesthetic irritation, I still think RoboCop looks pretty boss and I’m absolutely going to see it.

Check out the trailer below and decide for yourselves.

Words by Gazz Wood