Yorkshire is Europe’s Leading Destination

Here in Yorkshire we've often thought "why bother with the hustle and bustle of grey London, when you can stick to the pubs and parks of glorious Yorkshire?" Now it seems the rest of Europe agrees, as Yorkshire has been awarded the title of Europe’s Leading Destination 2013, beating London, Berlin and Madrid to the title.

In fact, we're so good that we are the only location that is not a major city or country to ever win the award. The World Travel Award recognised our 'God’s Own County' status in Antalya, Turkey, in a ceremony which has been described as “the Oscars of the travel industry”. Previous winners include Istanbul, Paris and Barcelona.

Yorkshire was given the award for its contribution to the travel industry, which generates £7 billion annually and sees 216 million visitors each year. I personally don’t have a clue where they’re going, because they sure as shit aren’t sunning it up in Costa Del Doncaster.

As a further “suck it” to Lancashire, we’re also the starting destination of the Tour de France in July 2014, which will take place in Leeds. So next year, instead of dragging your mates to Madrid or Berlin for your results celebrations, why not just stick to the heart of England instead? 

Words by Khia Reynolds