Kelly Osbourne to Lady Gaga - Take Your Cake and Eat Shit!

The Gaga vs Osbourne saga continues with the latest round in the ring being fought out between Lady Gaga and the younger Osbourne, Kelly.

Gaga reportedly sent Kelly a cake for her birthday as a peace-offering, following the surprise reconciliation with X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne at the weekend.

The Project Runway presenter may claim to have grown up from her reality TV drama roots, but apparently she was not above stirring the (cake) mix when it came to Gagas' offering. She accused the singer of "hypocrisy", after she delivered the sweet treat via Sharon.

Tagging a picture of the cake with #Hypocrisy and #Eat my shit, the 29 year old tweeted about her birthday present on Sunday. "Not to be ungrateful but why would you send me a birthday cake via my MOTHER in a country half the world away? #JustSendItToME #LoveNotWar".

This particular catfight started when Kelly spread pregnancy rumours at last years Grammy's. Protective mother Sharon is no stranger to drama and has and has had her own share of catfights over the years, bounding into the fray to defend her daughter from a vicious backlash from Gaga's "Little Monsters", the name given to her fan base.

However, it seems Gaga aims to maintain her class and composure after her previous Osbourne related indiscretions, responding with "I didn't know it was your birthday until this afternoon. Meant as a peace offering. Happy Birthday."

Instead of eating shit, maybe Gaga will have a piece of that cake and eat it too. How else is she to maintain those perfectly round buttocks on the cover of her ARTPOP album, released November 11?

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