Lorde - Pure Heroine Album Review

It’s not everyday I’m really blown away by artists or producers. When I turn on the radio (which isn’t very often) everything sounds the same. It’s all manufactured boy bands, overproduced electro-house and Miley Cyrus.

Enter Lorde, the sixteen year old Kiwi singer/songwriter who sounds like she has been stolen from the 1920′s and been introduced to stripped back hip-hop and Morrissey. And her debut album ‘Pure Heroine’ is as addictive as it’s name.

It’s refreshing to hear a young voice that actually has something to say. Pure Heroine showcases Lorde’s incredible lyrical prowess and praise-worthy self awareness. All of this shines through thanks to the album’s minimalistic, ‘stripped back’ style, focusing more on Lorde’s captivating words rather than be distracted by flashy overproduction. The kind that hovers over chart music like an angry phantom.

It’s not the most upbeat album in the world, but Pure Heroine’s somewhat morose and sultry tone makes for a breathtaking listen. My personal favourites include ‘Glory and Gore’ and her new single ‘Team’. But let’s not forget her debut EP, ‘The Love Club”s stand-out ‘Biting Down’.

If you like the idea of Lana Del Rey, Morrissey and The XX slammed into one: Lorde’s debut album ‘Pure Heroine’ is definitely for you.

Words by Alex Ross Daniels

Have a listen.

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