Cat Survives Daring 70mph Car Ride On Roof Rack

A moggy has survived a stunt worthy of his name after thundering down the motorway at 70 mph while clinging to the roof of a transit van.

Kick Buttowski, ironically named after the cartoon stuntman, clambered his way onto the roof rack of a Ford Transit as It stopped for fuel, unaware that it was to embark on a 22 mile car ride from hell.

Travelling from Melton to Wigston, Leicestershire, the 18 month old was spotted by a passing motorist who signalled the bizarre event to the unsuspecting driver.

After being taken to a local vet it was established that, despite his terrifying ordeal, Kick was miraculously unhurt. The vet then put out a plea for his owners to come forward which was seen on Facebook by owner Ellise Pepper, 25.

Now returned to Pepper and 5 year old son Connor Russel, Pepper says “My son Connor was worried because Kick was his best friend… I was starting to think the worst but amazingly he hasn’t been hurt. The vet said he hadn’t been eating while he was there but as soon as we got him home he went straight to his bowl.” Well, a windsweeping like that is bound to blow away your appetite for a while.

Incredibly, the crazy kitten seemed not to learn from his experiences. Pepper added, 

“After he’d eaten he went out the back door as if nothing had happened and jumped on the back of another van!”

The van driver, Helen Stevens, 30, was suitably shocked. “I was gobsmacked! The cat was clinging for dear life!”

Still, it proves cats land on their feet. Even after being battered by gale force winds.

Source - Metro.co.uk