Sinead O’Connor pleads with Miley Cyrus to let her voice do the talking

Her raunchy performance at this year’s VMA’s has become the stuff of viral legend but now the former Disney starlet has once again attracted the wrong sort of attention, prompting desperate pleas from celebrities such as Pink and Sinead O’Connor to clean up her act.

It seems it is not just the creator of the foam finger who has taken to the press about Cyrus but celebrities are now claiming that she is “pimping herself out” for the sake of the music industry. Cyrus recently compared her wrecking ball video to O’Connor’s famous “Nothing Compares 2 U” video, which prompted backlash from the star who feels Miley is valuing sex appeal over obvious talent. Although the star has dropped numerous hints on shows such as Alan Carr’s Chatty man that her recent behaviour is little more than a publicity stunt, it has never the less created a storm among female celebrities who feel that she is exploiting herself for her fifteen moments of fame. 

While Miss Cyrus had recently opened up about her childhood acting career speaking of the pressures she felt to perform at such a young age, these sorts of incidents are common place among child stars (who can forget the video to Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty?)  - yet many feel her outrageous behaviour is simply in an effort to rebrand herself and emerge onto the music scene as an adult and not simply the character she is known for. It is a struggle many former Disney stars have faced, including High School Musical star VanessaHudgens after naked photos of her were leaked online, or Demi Lovato’s struggle to publically cope with an eating disorder. Disney may have launched some of the greatest music careers including VMA best Video award winner Justin Timberlake and rugged heartthrob Ryan Gosling.  High pressure at such an early age would be enough to drive anyone to drastic measures, but is licking a sledge hammer really the way to shed her ‘Hannah Montana’ Image? 

O’Connor who is no stranger to negative press attention, has claimed that her public address to Cyrus was an attempt to be motherly and she openly appeals to her, artist to artist about her most recent wrecking ball controversy, saying that her voice is the way to shed her Disney clean cut image and not public exposure. The question is will Miley take to twitter and fuel the press further or will she take Sinead’s advice onboard and use her voice and not her “assets” to achieve fame. Celebrity feuds are common place with many stars criticising one another’s performance styles, but in lashing out at the music industry O’Connor may have made a powerful enemy of Cyrus who is currently a hot commodity on the pop scene. 

With celebrity insults pouring in we will all wait with baited breath to see if Miley will weather the storm, but one thing is for sure the release of her latest video will certainly get tongues wagging, and if that doesn't then maybe these new and frankly NSFW pictures will. Good lord woman, put it away.