The Sun Tweets Madeline McCann Joke About XFactor Contestant

The Sun have caused outrage on twitter after posting an inappropriate joke about X Factor contestant Tamera Foster and missing child Madeline McCann.

The controversial paper posted during the live show on Saturday 19 October, attempting to compliment a fantastic performance by the 16 year old. Instead, they stirred up a flurry of appalled complaints from tweeters who were disgusted at the inappropriate comment.

It read:

The post relates to the fact that Foster is currently being investigated by police in related to her allegedly having stolen make-up from Boots. The post has since been removed but the damage was already done. While meant in good humour, very few users saw it that way and the backlash has been significant.

An apology from the paper stated: "We would like to say sorry for a tweet that was sent out earlier. It was an inappropriate attempt to make a joke, as we got it wrong.” For the family of the missing girl this will be poor consolation at a time when new evidence has come to light that may lead to her being found.

The comparison of the relatively small crime of pinching a lipstick as opposed to stealing a child was condemned by Twitter users as "sickeningly tasteless", "morally messed up", "thoughtless" and....

 "a bit out of order".

Tamera was an immediate favourite at the bookies as the final 12 were announced and the ITV talent show moved away from the cringey initial heats and glamorous dream homes of the judges sunny retreats and into the bright lights of the live shows.

Ex-Pussycatdoll, stunning American judge Nicole Scherzinger, stands to do well again this year following her win with husky voiced James Arthur last year. Not only is favourite Tamera Foster in her category, but third and fourth favourites, Hannah Barrett and Abi Alto respectively, are also in her category.