Elderly Woman Gets Lost on Trip to Library, Ends Up in Mexico

Anne Terhune,60 of San Diego, California got lost on the way to local library on November 19th, got lost for four days and ended up in Mexico. 

Her husband was worried that his devoted wife had left him so filed a missing persons notice with the local police force.

Mrs Terhune had this to say on her “eventful” trip to the library: “I was just enjoying driving and it started raining and I guess my vision was impaired,

“People were saying, “Didn’t you see that big sign that said, ‘Welcome to Mexico’,” and I didn’t.’

During her busy stay she had both her car and handbag stolen. She doesn't use a mobile phone so she couldn’t call home. 

She eventually got kicked out of Mexico for having no money. 

She was driven back to the border by a Mexican police officer before being reunited with her husband.

‘By the time I left, my Spanish was not that bad,’ she said being glad to be back home.

Words by Will Whitby