Artist Makes Photo Frames Out of Placentas.

An artist has started to create photo frames out of mother’s placentas to house photos of their babies.

Amanda Cotton, 25 says that she has had positive feedback from all her clients and has a lot of orders and request come through. 

The artist takes the placenta from the mother, dries it out, crushes it into tiny bits and then adds resin. The resin is then set in a frame mould and the frame is used to house photos of the babies, or anything else should the client choose.

“The placenta is one of the first creations the mother and baby make together, so why not celebrate that with a keepsake?’ said Ms Cotton, who works for a London design studio.

“It’s common for people to keep the umbilical cord, first tooth or hair clippings.”

Ulrika Jarl, one of Cotton’s clients kept her placenta in a cooler box before it was framed.

She said: “I understand why some people might find this a bit yucky, but why not use human waste where possible?”

Cotton developed her placenta frame technique while studying at the University of Brighton, when she lived with a midwife and learned how little importance is placed on the placenta in Western culture. 

She has also created artworks from human hair, ear wax and urine.

Words by Will Whitby