Polish Man Returns to Home to Find Parents Putting Flowers on his Grave.

Jaroslaw Carolinski, from Siedliska, Poland left his house to ‘find himself’ without warning in October 2011 and was declared dead once authorities found a body believed to be him near the Ukrainian border.

The 38 year old returned back to the Polish village to find his parents standing above his apparent grave, he walked over and said to his parents ‘Hello mum and dad. I’m back.’

The parents for some time had believed that Jaroslaw was gone forever and had perished in an unknown way. 

His mother reportedly fainted when she saw him, with Mr Carolinski saying the whole incident had been surreal.

It is unknown what Mr Carolinski was doing to find himself during his absent 2 years, but he could have left a note on the fridge or something.

Police are now trying to work out the identity of the man who they have buried thinking it to be Jaroslaw.

Words by Will Whitby